Risen HJT HSA-RSM 675-700W

210 thin wafers hjt bifacial module

  • 22.5%
    Maximum Efficiency.
  • 132 Cells
    HJT Bifacial Module.
  • 1500VDC
    Maximum System Voltage.
  • Global, Tier 1 bankable brand, with independently certified state-of-the-art automated manufacturing.
  • N-type solar cell without LID caused by B-O
  • No PID
  • Better Temperature Coefficient
  • Bifacial technology enables additional energy harvesting from the rear side
  • Positive power tolerance of 0~+3%
  • Dual stage 100% EL Inspection warranting defect-free product
  • Module Imp binning radically reduces string mismatch losses
  • Excellent wind load 2400Pa & snow load 5400Pa under certain installation method
12 Years

Product Warranty

30 Years

Linear Power Warranty

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