Himalaya G12 Series – 695-715W

132-cell Bifacial HJT Half-Cell Double-glass Solar Module

  • HJT 2.0
    Combining the gettering process and double-sided µe-Si to maximize cell efficiency and module power.
  • -0.26%/’C Pmax temperature coefficient
    More stable power generation performance and is even better in hot climates.
  • Small Chamfer Design
    Bigger power generation area on the solar cell, increasing 1% celi power of the single piece.
  • SMBB design with Half-Cut Technology
    Shorter current transmission distance, less resistive loss and higher cell efficiency.
  • Up to 90% Bifaciality
    Natural symmetrical bifacial structure brings more energy yield from the backside.
  • Sealing with PIB-based sealant
    Stronger water resistance, and greater air impermeability to extend module lifespan.
  • Higher reliability
    Industriai leading product and performance warranty, ensuring modules’ consistent outstanding performance.
  • Ideal choice for solar rooftop system
    Suitable for various rooftop projects.
15 Years

Product Warranty

30 Years

Linear Power Warranty

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