Akcome – iPower 670-690W


HJT MBB Half-cut Bifacial Dual-Glass Module

  • N-type HJT technology for lower LCOE
    The lower temperature coefficient and better low irradiance performance of HJT technology can effectively reduce LCOE.
  • Fire class A, harsh environment adaptability
    The back of the dual-glass module adopts high transparent glass, which can adapt to all kinds of harsh environments, and the fire rating can reach Class A.
  • 30-year power warranty
    The average life of dual-glass modules is 30 years, 5 years longer than that of single-glass modules.
  • Double-sided power generation, higher income
    The dual-glass module has a bifaciality up to 90% and a power generation gain of 7%-30% on the back side
12 Years

Industry Leading Product Warranty on Materials and Workmanship

30 Years

Linear Power Performance Warranty

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